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    We make meetings possible. To the world and the future!

    We are planning and developing global events and services in a cooperative manner. 

    By sharing technology and services, we create diverse collaborative models. 

    Towish APP & Realistic Content Service


    Realistic content creation is enabled through creating diverse recordings along with real-time relay. In addition, we produce new content by combining          other AR, MR. 

    360 degree real-time VR general relay service


    In addition to relay service on the platform, We are expanding our relay service into diverse 360 degree sector.

    Video production and new media planning services


    With basic video production at the forefront of new technologies and services, We are constantly creating new projects that we have combined.


    We create contactless tour with travelers from diverse countries.

    Korean wave

    We present K-wave content to those who are interested in Korean culture.


    We provide various new media content for global people. 


    We collaboratively build MICE and diverse global business sector services. 

    Various extensions
    Starting as a content-based company, we are expanding business into contact-free

    and tourism. As with the plethora information acquisition related to contact less tourism,

    we are conducting diverse training as well as consulting. In addition, we are promoting

    a wide range of projects to facilitate tourism industry ecosystem

    and creating new jobs such as web content planning, video creator training, and IT jobs.

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